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Brooke Wilen is a fine art photographer based in Southern California. Her work focuses on nature, found objects, and the beauty in life’s everyday surroundings. Brooke’s goal as an artist is to call attention to the simple pleasures that are always present, and often overlooked. She enjoys discovering the extraordinary in the ordinary, and encourages the viewer to do the same in their own life. Brooke's philosophy is that appreciation for what is right in front of you brings you into the present moment, and that being present is the path to a joyful existence.

Brooke offers small, limited editions runs that are hand-signed and numbered. Each piece also includes a certificate of authenticity.


All images are processed exclusively at a fine art photo lab in Los Angeles using only the highest quality equipment and museum quality papers. All frames are custom made at a small, family-owned business in Los Angeles that has been making frames for artists over 30 years.



Art Swagger / Los Angeles / 2018

CO Gallery / Los Angeles / 2019

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